iModino is Igor Modino's personal brand and the Think Factory is the home for new, innovative ideas. Not only we are not affraid of thinking outside the box, but we encourage people doing so. We offer a chance to try your ideas, no matter how crazy they are, because the only way of knowing if it's worth it is trying it!

iModino actively supports innovative projects and becomes part of some of them, like Gamehab or Armiga project

We also partner with innovative, global-minded companies like Naxiu, which enables global access to resources and clients around the world.
eSportics is the easiest and more powerful way to manage your sport tournaments and leagues.
In addition, our player social network makes it easy to promote them and for players to find you.
The Armiga is a mix of hardware and software re-implementation of the legendary Commodore Amiga 500, with a dual-core ARM CPU and a custom made FDD controller, able of reading Amiga disks. All in a stylish form factor.
The easiest and smartest way to find parking places.
Parker uses a time-and-space aware algorithm to show you a heatmap where it's most probable you can park your car.
Manage your pantry with ease with Pantry 21 by just scanning your product barcodes with your phone.
Keep track of movents and lifespan of product with absolutely no effort: just one-click and one-click remove.
City fixes at your fingertips. With Flicken you can report issues in the city, even as a tourist, with just one click!.
Our own contact database make it dead-simple to contact the local managers and see issues arond you, no matter where you are.
Love coffee?. Barista let's you find nice coffee around you the easiest way!
Find cofeeshops nearby or those that serve top brands... and don't forget to rate them!
Gamehab starts at the II Tenerife Sartup Weekend, where it achieved the 3rd prize.
The goal of the project is to make rehabilitation routines far more interesting than they are nowadays, just bringing in a bit of technology and delivering lots of fun.
Wouldn't it be great to have electric versions of the all-time-classic cars?. That's what this idea is all about; turning them into 21st century vehicles.
Our last and craziest experiment!. 10243 generates every single possible 32px*32px images in 3 colors, starting from a seed image. Every access generates a new and unique combination!.
Darma Projects is the company responsible for Armiga Project and it's focused on ARM-based projects and IoT.
Our friends at Naxiu help us create the right environment for innovative seeds to grow. In addition, international connections become key in the growing stage.